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Postpartum Doula & Parent Educator

Joey is a loving mother of three. All of three had a unique prenatal, delivery and postpartum story. She has over 20 year experience involving infant and childcare in that she has over sixteen years in childhood development. That eventually lead her to becoming a certified postpartum Doula at Northridge hospital and CAPA parent educator. Her greatest passion is profiting the bridge between one becoming a whole family. Her purpose is to provide the tools to thrive and flourish in this ever so tender journey.


About the Babies is a place for parents. In everything we do we believe in creating a deep and genuine connection. We believe in providing a space for families to grow and thrive. Through our knowledge, support and empowerment families develop into their best self. We provide a warm nurturing space for our families to be their true selves during this transition period from being a couple to a family. Our passion is to make authentic, deep connections with each and every unique family. Your individual needs, parenting style and vision for your family matters to us. We understand the challenges of parenthood and want to be your support system. About the babies is here to help  give you the tools and nurture to flourish on your unique path of parenthood.

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