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How I became a Doula. #doula #doulalove #newmom #mamalove #newbaby #babyofmine #newfamily #growth

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Many moons ago I became a mother. Being a mom has been my greatest joy, deepest honor and truest passion. I have carry deep pride in being a mom. Through loving,nurturing and honoring my children I found my passion.

Later down the road in the summer of 2000 I transitioned from a more “stay at home mom", which was centered around my family to becoming a working boss mom. I was looking to take a massively terrifying leap in my life, mind you with young children to think of. As I began this venture I looked to myself- who am i? , what are my characteristics?, what do i have to offer?

I am a mother. I am a strong, fierce, hard working woman. I had been kid’s club attendant monitoring children and conflicting managing at an elementary school. This became that bridge in the venerable period. During this time I wore many hats from room mom, team mom for my son’s travel baseball team, cheer coach for my daughter’s Pop Warner team, PTA board member and even girl scout leader. In these roles I developed how to be a true leader through kindness and patience. This made me even better mom. All of these roles had a theme my passion for children and motherhood. Taking on this change made me think of the mom I am and the mom I wanted to be for my children. I know how to be a mom and how to lead, love, nurture and guide.

Then one day as I was kicking it old school aimlessly searching through the newspaper for opportunities. This is when I came across an article that Northridge Hospital was booting a pilot program for postpartum doula certification. What in the world is a postpartum doula I thought to myself? Out of pure curiosity I began my search. Doula, a mother to a mother, someone who provides emotional and physical support to mothers. This was my moment. Everything clicked. My whole entire body responded; this is who I am, this is who I am meant to be. The next step was taking the leap..

It was a rigorous process being accepted into their program with only 25 people being chosen out of nearly 300 applicants. In this process I found my calling- I am a doula.

The beginning of motherhood is a small stepping stone into the journey of becoming a mom. I knew then that I wanted to make a change and be a part of a larger movement of nurturing and empowerment families. Even then I saw the importance of lifting up mothers and giving them the space to be honored wherever they are at in their own journey. As a doula I can give mothers the tools to be the best version of themselves. Through love, through kindness, through patience, through encourage, through venerability I mother mothers. I am a doula.

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